Florian Kragulj

Florian Kragulj is a senior scientist with the Knowledge Management Group at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, where he heads the Digital Transformation and Knowledge Transfer in Crafts Research Group. His research is on organizational learning and managing knowledge, emphasizing its social nature and strategic future potential. He is particularly interested in an ethical perspective on knowledge management to illuminate its implications for doing well by doing good. Florian Kragulj received a PhD in Social Sciences and holds a master’s degree in Cognitive Science. In 2021, he received venia docendi (Habilitation) for the field of Business Administration.

In addition to his long-standing research on Need Knowledge and its application to organizational strategy as well as on “learning from the future” as an alternative organizational learning methodology, his current research focuses on non-rational knowledge, e.g., practical wisdom (phronesis), spiritual knowledge. Together with colleagues of this project, he is working on a new branch of KM, which they call “Responsible Knowledge Management,” reflecting the idea of evaluating, creating, and applying knowledge for the common good.

Raysa Rocha

Raysa Geaquinto Rocha (PhD) is a lecturer in Organizational Studies and Human Resource Management at the University of Essex (United Kingdom). She is a research member of Centre for Work, Organisation and Society – CWOS, University of Essex and NECE – Research Centre for Business Sciences, University of Beira Interior (Portugal). Her research interests include organizational practices that promote knowledge dynamics, spirituality, and practical wisdom, resulting in a humanistic strategy for long-term sustainable performance.

She has been collaborating on various Erasmus+ projects, such as ENTRANCE, RE-START, and ENTER EdTech. Raysa’s scholarly portfolio includes over fifty peer-reviewed publications, encompassing journals’ articles (e.g., Journal of Business Ethics), book editions with distinguished publishers (e.g., De Gruyter), book chapters, proceedings and presentations at renowned conferences, and international awards.

Susanne Durst

Susanne Durst is a Full Professor of Management at the Department of Business Administration at Reykjavik University (Iceland). Her research interests include knowledge (risk) management, innovation management, responsible digitalization and sustainable business development in the context of small entrepreneurial companies.

She has been conducting several national and international research projects on knowledge management, SME business transfers, marketing, corporate governance, and innovation management. Her work has been recognized through different awards, including an Emerald Literati Award „Outstanding Paper“ in 2023 (Journal of Knowledge Management) and has been published in international peer-reviewed journals.