Learning Spaces for Sustainable and Responsible Decision-Making.

The WiseUp Project

Wise up to succeed project tackles two pressing challenges facing Europe today. First, we’re combatting the scarcity of entrepreneurs, driven not only by demographic shifts but also by the declining appeal of business succession. Second, we’re reshaping the mindset of future business leaders, developing wise entrepreneurs.

Through a dynamic c-VET curriculum, blending online learning and immersive workshops, we instill responsible and sustainable decision-making skills. Our innovative Wise Up Game seamlessly integrates these values into daily practice. Ultimately, we aspire to make SMEs’ business succession more attractive and offer a blueprint for fostering wisdom, sustainability, and responsibility in entrepreneurial decision-making, supporting the growth and resilience of European SMEs. Join us in this transformative journey.

Project Results

Conceptualization of c-VET Curriculum

Curricular framework for practitioners (SMEs’ business successors) that reflects the results of the structured literature review

c-VET curriculum on responsible and sustainable decision making (2 ECVET)

Training Programme

Online courses

case studies on decision-making for business successors to practice sustainable and responsible decision making in groups

Workshop agenda, instructions, and materials (e.g., slides, worksheets, etc.) for peer work of business successors in local and transnational groups to apply the course content to the case studies

Integrated online learning environment with the online courses and a personal learning log

The Wise Up Game: Cube template and instruction cards (representing the six perspectives taught in the courses) to ensure the continuing application of learnings in one’s own business context beyond the training programme

Testing of Training Programme Online and Offline

Trial of the training programme

Three workshops for peer learning in the participating countries

One online closing event with participants from all countries


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